Monday, 22 September 2008

Update at 11am on Day 3!

We're in Wales! It's day three and we've now cycled 235 miles and we have 865 miles to go! We're just fixing a puncture on my friend Felix's bike, poor him this is his 3rd puncture since we started. Thankfully, Jackson is going strong and the sun is still shining. This is such an incredible adventure!
Love Holly and Jackson xx


Georgie and said...

We're loving your updates and glad you're doing so well. Keep it up!

The London Sustrans Office

Polar Bear Class at Fulham said...

Hey Holly, we hope you are having a great time and that Jackson's parts are all in good working order. Jemma says eat lots of hot food when you get to Scotland as it can get a bit chilly. Good luck and see you soon. Polar Bear class at Fulham Primary

Sue Phillips said...

Hi Holly

I think I might have just cracked the technology. This is my first bloging experience. Can you believe it. Says something about my age!!!

Fantastic cycling. Well done. I can't believe how far you are covering in a day. When we were kids living in Cornwall it used to take all day to travel by Morris Minor to my gran's in Taunton. Bikes must be faster these days!

Good luck!

Newton Prep

Katherine said...

Keep it up Holly, I'm so glad that the sun's shining for you and that you're enjoying it so much!