Saturday, 27 September 2008

Today we took a detour off our route to John O'Groats and caught a ferry over to the Isle of Arran. The scenery is absolutely beautiful and Jackson and I cycled around the whole island, taking lots of photos along the way. We are now back on the ferry, heading back to the mainland where we can rejoin our route. It has added an extra day to our journey but we will be back on track tomorrow, heading towards Inverness. Tonight, we are camping in a campsite in Lochgilphead. Can you find where it is on the map?!
Love Holly and Jackson xxx

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Katherine said...

Hi Holly,
we're so amazed at how far you've got, and really glad to hear that you had a night in a hotel and a day trip to Aran, it sounds amazing.
It's getting cold down here in Bristol so we imagine it's a bit nippy up near Inverness?!
Katherine, Merryn and Ceri in Bristol